New technologies in Our lifestyles

we’ve accomplished a survey into how people sense about new era and its affect on people’s home lives. We gave fifty five humans a questionnaire and acquired replies from all but four of them. Twenty-4 of our respondents are teens and people of their Twenties, fifteen are in their 1930s and middle-aged and the remainder are retired. The 4 folks who did now not go back their questionnaires are all in the thirty-plus age organization.We asked people how a few of the following examples of modern generation they possessed at home – a computer, a cellular cellphone, an answerphone, the internet, a video digital camera, a microwave, a toaster, a DVD, a digital camera, a jacuzzi. We additionally asked them to feature another examples of present day technology which in addition they have were given at domestic. We then asked them to indicate how a lot they used every of the items of contemporary technology that they mentioned owning. sooner or later, we requested people to point out whether these items of modern era had a fantastic or a negative impact on their lives. At this point inside the questionnaire we requested our respondents to feature remarks explaining how precisely an object of generation had affected their lives in both fantastic or poor approaches.All of our respondents have at least of the gadgets on our listing with a microwave, a pc and DVD being the items most often possessed. best considered one of our respondents possesses a Jacuzzi. 3 of the respondents have all of the other objects however the jacuzzi. maximum of the respondents introduced at the least a further instance of current technology: these included computerized washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric ovens, MP3 players. the younger the respondent, the more likely they’re to apply all the objects they have besides the DVD and the showering machine. these had been most famous with the over-1930s. Of all the objects of latest generation we indexed, the video digicam changed into least frequently used – simplest once or twice a month with the aid of the teenagers and not often by way of older age organizations.while we requested human beings whether they felt that new technology were affecting their lives in a advantageous or a poor way, all of the teens and 87% of the people within the middle age institution stated that they felt that the results of latest technology had been basically fine. Sixty-three percentage of the respondents felt that new technologies also have some poor consequences on their lives. The most common blessings of recent technology are (in order of frequency of mention):1. Saving time;
2. fun;
three. Making communications simpler;
4. convenient to use;
5. educational.The negative effects cited had been:
1. Harms fitness;
2. The machines are continually going incorrect;
3. uses too much power;
4. era makes human beings lazy;
five. Distracts from reading;
6. The machines are constantly going wrong.In end, new era is having a vast impact on home life. For most of the people, specially younger, those effects are high quality. Older humans, despite the fact that they use era only marginally much less than younger humans do, locate it more difficult to conform to it and are more likely to see the troubles in our dependence on it than are teens.